Boy Short Tankini

Boy Short Tankini

The Newest Style of Tankini Swimwear !

The Boy Short Tankini is a two piece swimsuit. The top is long, extending down to the naval, and in some styles all the way down to the hips. The bottoms are snug fitting boy shorts. Boy shorts became popular a few years ago and are more commonly paired with a bikini top.

If you are thinking of buying a boy short bathing suit, keep in mind that this style of swimwear looks best on slim hips. If you are wide in the hips or have a big bottom you may want to try another style. Try a swim suit with a high cut leg for a more slimming effect.

Boardshorts for girls are really fashionable at the beach these days. Boardshorts are typically worn low on the hips exposing a lot of midriff. Try wearing a pair of boardshorts over your bikini bottoms for a really fresh look.

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boy short tankini